Possible Techniques For Permanent Hair Removal

Hair removal options have always confused people, especially when the number of choices is increasing day by day. There are several methods available to achieve permanent hair removal and most of these options are imperfect. Some are done with the help of chemicals while others use various energy forms to regulate hair growth. Permanent hair removal using an improper method could result in the destruction of the tissues surrounding the hair follicles and this is a challenging task. Choosing reliable methods after thorough research is important for permanent hair removal.

Electrolysis is a commonly prescribed hair removal method which could be used by most. With a little training and skill, anyone could do this, provided they perform it correctly, are trained and hold a license. A hair-thin metal probe will be slid into the follicle of the hair. If this is inserted properly it will not puncture the skin. After this, electricity will be passed to the follicle through this probe. This probe is local and hence doesn't have any major side effects. This will affect the areas where hair growth is high. The main advantage of going for electrolysis as a medical treatment for hair removal is the proven records of effectiveness with long lasting results. The method is permanent to a large extent. Re-growth is not noticed in most scenarios and this method is generally painless. You could use the method easily with the help of easy to use personal units.

Laser hair removal is another proven method with permanent results. The treatment is performed by delivering light with specified wavelength into the skin. It involves passing light and this will target the dark material of the hair pigment. This light will cause a thermal or mechanical damage of the hair follicle. Surrounding tissues are not harmed to a great extent through the use of this material. This method is comparatively safe to use and particularly useful for larger areas.

Flash lamp method uses intense pulsed light for permanent hair removal. Full Spectrum light and infra red radiation filters out only a specific wavelength. This filtered light will be delivered to the skin through a hand piece to damage the follicle where hair growth is prominent.

There are some oral medications prescribed for permanent hair removal. These drugs come in different forms and help in reducing the growth of hair. Before using these drugs, users have to consult with a physician to know about the possible side effects.

There are some other methods including x-ray, photodynamic therapy etc. which are restricted for use. Photoepliators, microwaves and dietary supplements are used for permanent hair removal but these fall under the doubtful category of hair reduction methods and hence are not safe for use.

The efficiency of a particular method on each user depends on the body characteristics of the client. There are clients who show positive response to a specific method which may have brought about side effect in another individual. Hence, selection of a method usually depends on the kind of skin and body of the individual. Advice from a physician will help in taking a wise decision in this regard.